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Nearly 10 years ago, the parents and community converted Merrimac Elementary into Merrimac Community Charter School.  Since that time, MCCS has more than 100 students enrolled and is not only one of the highest rated elementary schools in the area, but the entire state of Wisconsin.

As an expansion of our mission to provide the best in educational opportunities for the children who walk through the doors of our great school, the MCCS Governance Council, in conjunction with the Sauk Prairie School District, have authorized the creation of an independent foundation to support the teachers, students, and families of MCCS.

The Merrimac Education Foundation is a federally approved 501(c)3 non-profit foundation designed to meet just that mission.  Our trustees include Sauk Prairie School Representative Josh Luth, Merrimac Community School Principal Amy Brehm; community leaders Village Administrator Tim McCumber and Village Administrator Brian Mooney, and parents and community members Claire Walmer and Ivy Talley.